martes, 8 de marzo de 2011

The Corporation

The documentary shows that the corporation is an organization that operates on the entire world having as it first objective the achievements of the goals. Nowadays, corporations are very important in the world, this is because they are acquire some things than another organizations never couldn’t had. For example, the corporations can be legally responsible or can buy properties and assets, but in the same way they have the freedom to act with immorally attitudes in some cases, they don't matter the consequences that they have to pay for do this horribles things.


As a legal organizational model, how does the rise of corporations influence the aspects of culture in pursuing profit?

The influence is negative, this is because the news and olds organizations are aware about the organizational culture and how this has to be based on a several values and principals that has to be accomplish. On the other hand the only objective of the corporation is to have profits, no matter how to get them.


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