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Personality, Perception and Attribution: Attitudes and Values

Personality is one of the most important factors on the organizational culture and behavior, this is because personality is a group of characteristics that one person have that influence an individual’s behavior. According to the employee personality the CEO could see if the person is adequate to the job, depending on what is reflecting, his tastes, his thoughts, his actions in different moments, etc.

However, personality is not only about the actions or behavior, this definition also includes values, emotions, cognitions, attitudes, expectancies and fantasies. On the other hand, Organizational personality has several highlights points in Core self-evaluation:

·        Locus of control: This factor is about the internal and individual control versus external control in several situations.
·        Self-esteem: This factor is about the love of self-work. It is important because this factor gives him security of himself.
·        Generalized self-efficacy: This factor is about believed in yourself like a capable person, who has the capacity to be a successful business.  

It is important for the employee to have a good attitude from himself, always thinking that is a successful entrepreneur capable to be any business in the market.


What is your perception of a Japanese aid worker before and after the talk with Yasuko? On what do you base your perception?

Before I met Yasuko, I thought that the aid workers from Japan or from other countries used this opportunity to learn some languages depending of the country assigned. After Yasuko talk, I think that the aid workers from any part of the world are trained already, and they need the language before the travel to the country, also the commitment of these aid workers it is very relevant, and the mission of the workers needs to be achieved.

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