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Migrant Workers / Expatriate assignments

Migrant labor, involves the movement of people from one country (or region) to another primarily for employment related reasons (IPPR 2004).
At the same way, exist the expatriate which means to exile (oneself) from one's native country or cause (another) to go into exile. But there are other reasons why people wants to go away from their origin country. Some of these are based on the motivation maslow theory, people looking for jobs better than that they had; Other people just are looking other cultures, they only want to see the world. This last behavior is caused because of the globalization, this phonomenom has caused that a lot of people in the world be interested in learning and knowing more from other countries. 


Explain how easy is it for Colombian companies
to employ expatriates locally?
Colombian companies, are already based on their organizational culture, but this one is based too on their Colombian culture; a culture that is full of nice people who really has the intention to make it feel good another person. Colombian companies, really enjoy give employment to that people that are not from Colombia, they really think that is a good experience having another person from other country. 


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  1. "But there are other reasons why people wants to go away from their origin country."

    I'd have to have more than one reason why I'd uproot and move to another country. If my only reason was for a better salary, I wouldn't do it. If I have to sort out visas, work permits, international medical insurance and the rest of it, I'm going to want more than a higher salary. I'll want to be genuinely curious about the country, about the culture. I'd want to be able to experience the country, rather than just work there.

    Not that there's anything wrong with relocated solely for work purposes, it just wouldn't be right for me.