miércoles, 18 de mayo de 2011

Religius Implications for Internal Business

As we already know, Religion is one of determinant of  culture, is for that reason that in organizational culture has a big impact too. We need to have very clear which are the religions in all the world and specifically where religions are practiced.

Religion has a lot of rules, and several cultures are really based on their religion. As we already know there are several types of religion; Christianity, Islam, Hinduism, Budism, confusianism. All the religions are important no matter how old or how new are.

What is the dominant religion in Colombia? What are the religious implications for doing business here? Give examples.
Colombia have a lot of people with different religion, but isa religion that is really dominant in the country, and that in Christianism. Doing business is not a problem, because this religion doesn't have some specific rules that can affect the relations in business, for example the islam religion is one of the most difficult ones at the time of doing business

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